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anwe bridal  is a concept store for the cool, emancipated woman who is looking for the perfect wedding dress to express herself and her individual style. We offer a home to women who are generally uncomfortable in the traditional wedding industry and are looking for an exceptional dress - freed from constraints, norms, gender roles and body images .

​ United in their love of fashion and their sense of style, different in the experiences they have had with the fashion world because of their body shapes, Anna and Wenka take these experiences with them and transform them into their very own: anwe bridal .


Despite the fashion industry's gradual shift towards diversity and inclusive social norms, the wedding sector remains entrenched in outdated ideals of femininity and restrictive body standard.

The goal of anwe bridal is to revolutionize the wedding industry by challenging traditional norms and stereotypes associated with brides. By promoting diversity, inclusivity, and self-expression, anwe bridal seeks to empower brides to define their own bridal identity and feel confident and authentic on their special day.

Ultimately, anwe bridal strives to redefine the concept of bridehood and create a more inclusive and empowering experience for brides-to-be.

The founders Anna Beyer and Wenka Kasper, best friends for 10 years and now business partners, share a common dream of changing the way society sees brides and the traditional norms that go with it.

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