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When should I start looking for my wedding dress? 

We recommend that you start your search 10-12 months before your wedding day. Depending on the designer it can take between 5 - 8 months until your dress is ready. Including shipping and possible corrections, you should ideally have your dress  Order 8-10 months in advance. 

But don't worry: (almost) everything is possible and most designers offer an express service for a fee. Please send us an email beforehand if you don't have that much time and we will clarify possible delivery times with the designers in advance.


We also have some styles that we sell off the rack that you can take with you straight away. You can also find some of our ready-to-wear and sample sale options in our online shop.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, a visit and a fitting is only possible by appointment. This way we can ensure that you and your companions have the shop all to yourself and guarantee a private fitting. The easiest way is to book an appointment via our booking portal or send us an email to - we're happy to help!

If you are just looking for the right accessories, just send us an email and we will find an appointment.

How does an appointment at anwe bridal work? 

An appointment lasts 90 minutes. This gives us enough time to look through all the wonderful dresses and accessories with you and then try on your selection. We'll help you choose clothes that match your own style and personality. For the first fitting, we charge a consultation fee of 30 euros, which will be charged in the event of a purchase.

If there is not enough time or you would like to sleep over your decision for another night, you always have the option of making a second appointment with us.

To ensure that your appointment with us is a fabulous experience and that you feel completely at ease, we offer you soft drinks and Prosecco. If you wish, we can also play your Spotify playlist or put something together for you.  

How many people can I bring to my appointment?

The most important thing: bring the people who know you and your style best. We also recommend that you do not bring more than three people with you, as too many people and opinions make the decision more difficult. Nevertheless: if you want to bring more, please let us know in advance so that we have seating for everyone.

If, like us, you are not superstitious, you are welcome to bring your partner with you. But you can also come alone if you prefer.

Is there anything else I need to watch out for?

It is best to wear skin-colored, seamless underwear and a strapless or backless bra to your appointment. We also ask you to wear as little make-up as possible so that our beautiful dresses remain white. If you already have shoes and accessories, please bring them with you so we can see the length of the dress and the overall look right away.

TRY AT HOME service? 

For all people who are not in our store  come  we offer our TRY AT HOME service. The short version: 3-5 favourites, €120 incl. shipping within Germany, 200€ in all other countries of the EU (will be deducted from the final order), try on at home. The long version: here .

How expensive are your clothes?

Our made-to-order dresses range in price from €2,200 to €4,500 with most dresses being between €2,700 and €3,500. The only exceptions here are the mini and midi as well as trousers and top styles from the designers.

If you have a smaller budget, our styles from the ready-to-wear area and our sample sale styles come into question. These are priced between €500 and €1,500.

What sizes can I try on?

Size inclusivity is important to us, which is why we have try-on models in sizes 36 - 52. Unfortunately, it is not financially possible to have all the dresses in several sizes in our store. We try to offer a wide choice and continue to work to promote size inclusivity in the industry. All our dresses can be ordered up to at least size 50 and we already have a few designers in our range who produce in all sizes and are always in further contact with the designers and are happy to find more and more brands that offer size inclusivity. If you are unsure whether you will find a dress in your size from us, please write to us and let us know what you have in mind and what your measurements are.

It's no problem if the dress you want isn't your size, with clever pinning we can show you how it will look on you.

Where are the clothes from?

Sustainability and slow fashion are extremely important to us. We always pay attention to how and where the clothes we offer are produced. We are aware that the fashion industry in particular has a significant share in the harmful treatment of the environment. 

Our designers manufacture in France, Canada, England, the USA and Australia. All dresses are handmade and made to order in the designers' ateliers.

In addition, for example, our brand  BON BRIDÉ is explicitly committed to sustainable production. For example, fabric leftovers from the production of high-end brands are used or designs are made in such a way that they can be dyed or changed later so that you can continue to wear the dress.

If you have any questions about the exact production processes of the individual designers, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Decided on a dress - now what?

First of all: congratulations! After you decide on a dress, we take your measurements and order the dress from the designer in the closest size to your measurements. Depending on the designer, it can take up to 6 months for your dress to be delivered. We will then let you know and make an appointment for pick-up.

Most of the time, the dress still needs to be adjusted in a few places. We are happy to recommend fabulous tailors to customize the dress for you.


Do you offer an alteration service?

We work with tailors who we are happy to recommend for the changes. Please note that any changes are not included in the purchase of the dress.

Of course you can also take your dress with you and have it altered at a tailoring shop of your choice.

Money, money, money  what are your terms of payment?

Please note that you can only pay with an EC card. In order to be able to commission your dress, you must pay an 80% deposit with the order. You can then pay the remaining 20% upon collection. If your wedding date is less than three months in advance, then you must pay the full amount with the order. Please make sure that your bank account has sufficient funds and that the limit on your card is sufficient. To be on the safe side, contact your bank beforehand to avoid difficulties with payment.


What happens if I have to cancel or reschedule an appointment?

We know: life happens. However, we would ask you to reschedule or cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance. As we work by appointment and any appointment canceled too late means we are unable to consult another client, we have chosen to charge a fee of 50 euros if appointments are missed or canceled too late.

Do you take clothes on consignment?

Yes! We are always working to make buying a wedding dress more sustainable. That's why we decided to sell used dresses on commission. If you are interested in giving us your clothes on commission, fill out the form here. There you will also find all further information. We will then get in touch with you as to whether your dress suits us and our style.

Right of withdrawal?

Since the dress is made especially for you, all orders are final. With the order, the right of withdrawal expires and the purchase contract comes into force. The same applies to the sale of sample dresses and accessories.

Questions regarding  our online shop?

Please read our terms and conditions as well as the information on returns and payment .

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